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In Germany, gambling law is traditionally considered to be part of the law of public order and is therefore regulated at state level, i.e. by each of the federal states ('Laender') of Germany. Generally, gambling is therefore a matter of state law and executed by the respective authorities in each of the 16 ...
By contrast, in the last 100 years, gambling was not popular in Germany. Today it is very popular. Recent news has indicated that Germany's strict prohibition and refusal to honor online casino operators from outside of Germany has been found to be illegal. 2018 should be a major turning point and possible upheaval with ...
David Stanton, Ireland's minister of state at the Department of Justice and Equality, provided details of plans to update Ireland's legislation on gambling during a TV interview last week. The proposed reforms would streamline the existing fragmented and longstanding gambling laws currently in force in ...

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Europe's online gambling scene saw a number of important changes last year. More EU countries officially regulated their iGaming markets (the Czech Republic, Poland), while other countries acknowledged the importance of the introduction of proper regulations (Sweden) in relation to the provision of this ...
III. Outlook on Gambling Regulation in Germany for 2018. 1. Proposed Interstate Treaty on Gambling. The Ince decision was followed by a wave of national court decisions confirming the licensing process' incompatibility with European law. German authorities experienced difficulties in issuing injunctions ...
The Interstate Treaty subjects any activity falling under the definition of a "game of chance" to German gambling regulations. A "game of... However, the Amendment Treaty did not enter into force on 1 January 2018 as originally planned since three of the German states, the Schleswig Holstein, North Rhine ...
Despite the fact that a new treaty designed to look at refreshed regulation for Germanys online gambling industry, the countrys sector remains complex.

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Germany approves new federal gambling treaty

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By and A few days after the decided german gambling law 2018 the amendment of the State Treaty on Gambling Germany the EU commission about the proposed legislative changes.
Sports betting concessions will not be issued on a quantitative but on a qualitative basis in the future.
This includes lifting the limit of 20 sports betting concessions and even issuing preliminary concessions for the 35 operators that have been found to meet the requirements for a concession and that are listed in the german gambling law 2018 />In addition the German state of Hesse will hand over its competence to issue the sports betting concessions to another German state.
Unfortunately the German states decided german gambling law 2018 leave it at these minimal changes.
They are looking into strengthening the enforcement against unlicensed gambling and into amending the regulation of online casinos.
But the draft does not included changes in this regard and it does not address the of the Council of Games of Chance Gluecksspielkollegium and the advertising guidelines Werberichtlinie.
The standstill period of the EU notification procedure lasts until February 2017.
The German states aim at a ratification of the new law until 31 December 2017.
This means that the amended State Treaty on Gambling will not enter into force before 1 January 2018 and that the interim measure of getting orders of approval for sports betting will become more relevant until the concession procedure is realigned by the new State Treaty.
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