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If you host a tournament where each player starts with 100 chips (T100) - your chip denominations should probably be 1, 2, 5, and 25. If you host a tournament where each player starts with 1000 chips - your chip denominations should probably be 5, 25, 100, and 500.
I'm using to set up the ideal configuration for my 6-people poker tourney, but the chip distribution is a pain in the ass and I'm gonna need some help. Players: 6. Duration: 2.5 hours. Level Time: 15 minutes. Now the starting stacks, distribution and blinds are the bitch here. I haven't even ...
Detailed, Simple Instructions on Setting Up a Home Game.. This is the highest hand in poker. Straight Flush A five-card sequence of the same.. As a rule of thumb, the tournament will usually end within one blind of the level of when the big blind equals the starting number of chips for each player. Another rule of thumb is ...

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How to determine a poker chip breakdown for your game.

If you host a tournament where each player starts with 100 chips (T100) - your chip denominations should probably be 1, 2, 5, and 25. If you host a tournament where each player starts with 1000 chips - your chip denominations should probably be 5, 25, 100, and 500.
Starting Chips. When starting the tournament, make sure that each player has enough chips. Have at least 20 chips of smallest denomination. For example, when starting with $5000, your blinds start at $25-$50; have at least 20 green $25 chips.
For example, a typical 500-chip set may give you 300 white chips, 100 blue chips, and 100 red chips. You will always want to use the higher quantity chip (in this case, white) as the lowest denomination chip. You can check out my home poker game spreadsheet if you want a calculator to see how many of each chip you will ...
For a normal game of poker at home (6-10 players), it is recommended that you have a suitcase with 500 poker chips. For less than 6 players, you can use 300 chips, but remember that at some point you may want to invite more players or try rebuy tournaments. It is therefore not a bad idea to get a larger suitcase straight ...

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Running a Home Poker Tour with DIY Poker Tour

Home Poker Tournament How-To Guide

A great way to enjoy a good game of poker with friends is to have a poker tournament at home.
You can play limit, pot-limit, no-limit, or mix it up.
The varieties and fun are endless.
This easy how-to will get you going in no time to playing the most popular form of there is.
Next: Decide on money matters The next thing to decide it how much the buy-in or entry fee for the tournament is and what the prizes are.
You can also allow back in for the first hour of play -- that way if anyone busts out of the here early, they can buy back in and not feel left out.
It also builds the prize pool!
A common break down might be to give 60% of the total prize pool to the first place winner, 30% to the second place winner, and the last 10% to the third place winner.
Whatever you decide, announce it before the game begins so everyone knows what they are playing for.
Next: Chip Denominations and Betting Structure The basic idea of a poker tournament is that every player starts with the same amount of chips and you play until one person has them all.
You can also start adding in home poker starting chips after a while.
If you want to play a quick tournament 1-2 hoursstart each player with 2,000 chips and play with 20-minute levels.
For a longer tournament 2-4 hoursstart each player with 10,000 chips and play with 30-minute levels.
The advantage of a short tournament is that you can often play two in one poker night, and is best for a group of beginners.
A longer tournament is better for experienced players, and allows a game of more strategy.
Common chip values: Green: 25 White: 100 Red: 500 Black: 1000 Blue: 5000 A good chip distribution for a 2,000-chip tournament might be: 4 greens, 9 whites, 2 reds.
A good chip distribution for a 10,000-chip tournament could be: 8 greens, 8 whites, 6 reds, 2 blacks, 1 blue Next: Start the game!
Once everyone is seated and the chips are distributed, the last thing to decide is who will get the dealer button.
In each case, the higest card wins -- if two player gets the same cards, the suits will decide.
Spades is the highest suit, followed by hearts, diamonds, and finally clubs.
Now just begin dealing the cards and let the fun begin!



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